Cervar, Travel Guide for holidays in Cervar, Istria

Cervar – Points of interests

Cervar panorama Čevrar has been inhabited since Roman times (close to one and prehistoric ruins). On the south shore of the bay remains were found with ceramic oven on one side and olive mill on the other side . The residential part is a series of rooms with hypocaust and pools, and in late antiquity and is still used with the modifications. Probably V-VI. century, the settlement was abandoned. There is also evidence of Christian worship. Production of olive oil (or wine) and ceramic artefacts are associated with a booming economy on the whole west coast of Istria, and faded with the decline in the intensity of trade throughout the Mediterranean. Today the marina in the neighboring Lunga bay has a capacity of 450 berths. Residents of Červar-Porat are completely devoted to tourism, so you can choose from numerous restaurants, pubs and places for entertainment. Enjoy the local cuisine including the Istrian ham, home-made pork loin and sausages, minestrone, olive, asparagus, home-made pasta in various ways, fritters and kroštule. Don’t forget to taste the many local Istrian wines of exceptional quality. One of the best known restaurants in Istria is the “Dvi Murve” which has won many awards and has been on the list of top 100 restaurants according to “Gastronaut.” We recommend Červar-Porat for vacation to all types of people – families, young people and those who like recreation – that wish to have a variety of activities. In the settlement itself you will find all the contents necessary for a comfortable vacation.

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Cervar, Istria Cervar, Istria