Funtana, Travel Guide for holidays in Funtana, Istria

Funtana – Points of interests

Funtana panorama This is a bird’s eye view of Funtana, a place that grew up over water springs where nature has painted of one of the most playful scenes of the Istrian landscape. It can be seen the regular rectangular division of green fields of the hinterland which is the work of an ancient orthogonal system of the Roman centuries. The town was mentioned for the first time in 1331 but it is obvious that the settlement was there before. In addition to water, salt pans, fishing, aquaculture and agriculture in the hinterland are very important as quarries along the coast of Funtana which were found in many places. The village of Funtana developed remarkably, when at the beginning of the 17th century, a nobleman named Bernardo built a castle and a church. Around this castle and this church, typical Istrian stone houses had been built over time . The freshwater springs near the sea, that were used by the inhabitants of the castle and nearby populations during great droughts. During high tide, the springs would turn salty due to sea water entrance, and when it drew back they would again provide freshwater.

Funtana is a picturesque fishermen’s town that breaths a special charm beauty at every step. With one stone palace and a church with a bell tower circled by rows of quiet stony little streets, this place completely and proudly has been a part of the Mediterranean since antiquity. In Funtana you can enjoy serene and stress-less hours of peace and joy.

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Funtana, Istria Funtana, Istria