Savudrija, Travel Guide for holidays in Savudrija, Istria

Savudrija – Points of interests

Savudrija panorama The old fisherman’s town of Savudrija is the westernmost point of Croatia. It is the first tourist resort one comes across when visiting the Croatian part of Istria. It was named, according to the legen, after the German emperor Barbarossa – Otto – who during the sea battle in Savudrija in 1177 against the allied fleet of the Pope Alexander III tried to hide in a water cistern. ‘Salvo re’ (the saved king) turned into toponym Salvore or Savudrija. It was originally used as a health resort by the Austrian,since Savudrija is continually refreshened by circulating sea breezes which makes its offshore waters ideal for windsurfing.

Savudrija has been inhabited since ancient history and has a natural phenomenon: stone surfaces on the shore which enter the sea at a mild angle. It is perfect for numerous sports such as cycling, trekking, jogging and surfing. The coast of Savudrija is overgrown with pine trees . It is attractive to the nudists because of the FKK beach located to the south of the very center of the place. Savudrija is famous for its pleasant restaurants and attractive beaches, so we recommend it to families who enjoy rocky beaches. Savudrija hosts traditional manifestations such as the St. Mary Magdalene festivity in Zambratija ( end of July) and Savudrian nights ( in August). Bike trails pass by numerous historical remains of Roman buildings and a rich gastronomic offer are only some of the attractions for summer holidays in Savudrija. Savudrija’s most famous feature attraction is its lighthouse, built in 1818. It has a truly elegance and is surrounded by a restful Mediterranean garden. Tourists can visit the lighthouse or even stay in the Savudrija lighthouse.

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Savudrija, Istria Savudrija, Istria