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Sisan – Points of interests

Valtura panorama Fortified settlements in the area and many parts of the architecture such as sarcophagi and inscriptions confirm that the village was populated since the prehistoric times and the antiquity. It was mentioned for the first time in the 990th. Šišan area belonged to the bishops of Pula, then it was owned by a family Morosini,and afterwards by Castropola Sergi family. In the XV-XVI.century the population of the village suffered from the plague, but it was never fully abandoned. The parish church of St. Felix and Fortunato was built on the site of the old church from the Byzantine era, the 1528th year (the year engraved on the portal). It was restored in 1650-and, and the 1922nd and 1987. Inside the church there are the relics of St.. Lorenzin, a saint very popular in Šišan.

East of the hill lies Monte Madonna in which the remains of the top of the hill-fort settlement with dual wall. During the First World War, in the 1915th, there were built fortifications of battery group Monte della Madonna with cannons which aim was to defend the port of Pula. The fortifications were later used by all governments for their own purposes, to the 1950s, began designing and building underground bunkers.

Today the inhabitants grow the typical Istrain product such as grapes,olives and farm livestock. Šišan is a small village where to escape from the traffic and city noise,have a wonderful relaxing vacation not far from the seaside.

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