Rovinjsko Selo, Travel Guide for holidays in Rovinjsko Selo, Istria

Rovinjsko Selo – Points of interests

Rovinjsko Selo panorama Today, the Rovinj village, village only in name because it is constantly evolving and is slowly becoming a suburb of Rovinj. At about one square kilometer was built in the past to the present, about 400 houses. Older ones are gathered in a few locations (Rudelić, Director, Morovi, skillful – holding the names of families that are in them decades ago inhabited), which represent a nice example of rural architecture from the 19th and 20th century, today almost all redone. The old houses are beautiful ground-floor stone building, with a orch and a stone well and a courtyard included by a stone fence within which one can find even some baker’s oven hundred years old. New houses are incorporated within the old town or on the suburbs of the village. Streets are assembled with the left and right sides of the main village road, which still continue their way to the fields enclosed by stone walls. Rovinj Village, spread on the hills and in the canal that runs from the mountains Kanastrak to Rovinj, surrounded has a contemporary infrastructure necessary for peaceful and comfortable life outside the city, and yet so close to town and the sea. In Rovinj village a little more than 700 inhabitants, and in the summer with tourists and weekenders much more. Much of the population works in the nearby town of Rovinj and Pula, while others live and work in the village, doing handicrafts, commerce or agriculture.

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Rovinjsko Selo, Istria Rovinjsko Selo, Istria