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Krnica – Points of interests

Krnica panorama The inhabitants’ economy is based on agriculture (vines, cereals, vegetables), fishing and service industries. Archaeologists have found evidence of settlements in prehistoric and Roman times. The village was abandoned because of wars and pestilence and re-inhabited in the 1520th by refugees escaping from the Ottomans from Dalmatia, under the guidance of the priest Ivan Buršić. The port Krnička Luka had access to the sea and that’s the reason why in the first half of the XX century has become one of the most important settlements of Vodnjan municipality. It had a good port for the export and import of goods. The parish church of St. Roch was built in 1631. In Krnica are two other small churches, St. Joesph and St. Valentina. In the nearby you can find Duga Uvala, the well-known summer vacation and tourism settlement with a high quality offering, is located only 3km from Krnica which makes it an appropriate vacation destination for those who are in search of peace and beautiful nature and do not consider driving to the beach an inconvenience. The intriguing coast and submarine areas are perfect for scuba diving and Krnica is the ideal starting point for scuba tours of the nearby aquatorium. On August 16th Krnica celebrates St. Rocco (celebration in the streets), however, there are various other celebrations as well, like in Marčana where “Petrovo” is celebrated on June 29th , Mutvoran celebrates St. Mary Magdalena on July 22nd and Rakalj which celebrates “Svetica” on September 8th.

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