Luka Krnica, Travel Guide for holidays in Luka Krnica, Istria

Luka Krnica – Points of interests

Luka Krnica panorama The wild landscape of its surrounding area is characterized with steep cliffs and ridges, plateaus above them providing a magnificent view of the bay and islands. With hidden coves and fascinating underwater world, low Mediterranean plants, Krnica, along with its surrounding places, offers the possibility of a quick escape from the urban rush and a long vacation. The local port, Krnički Porat, is home to many fishing boats and the starting point of local fishermen, who have always supported their families through the seafood, both eating seafood and trading seafood for things they needed. For the gourmets who enjoy sea gifts, Krnički Porat offers always-fresh shrimp and fish, which are prepared according to traditional recipes. The port is the starting point of diving for those of adventurous spirit, while the others can take a walk through the untouched nature.

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Luka Krnica, IstriaLuka Krnica, Istria