Dino Park, Funtana (Vrsar, Istria)

Dino Park FuntanaType: Entertainment for children
Destination: Funtana, Vrsar
Be prepared to meet the scariest creatures of that era.
Dino Park Info

Aquarium Pula, Verudela (Pula, Istria)

Aquarium Pula VerudelaType: Animal life
Destination: Verudela, Pula
Representatives of European rivers and lakes.
Aquarium Pula Info

Aquarium Umag (Umag, Istria)

Aquarium UmagType: Animal life
Destination: Umag
Center for marine research.
Aquarium Umag Info

Aquarium Rovinj (Rovinj, Istria)

Aquarium RovinjType: Animal life
Destination: Rovinj
Center for marine research.
Aquarium Rovinj Info

Aquarium Porec (Porec, Istria)

Aquarium PorecType: Animal life
Destination: Porec
Fish and other live organisms from the Adriatic Sea.
Aquarium Porec Info

Squirrel Park (Umag, Istria)

Squirrel ParkType: Animal life
Destination: Katoro, Umag
Umag and Istria are a home for many animal species.
Squirrel Park Info

Boškarin (Kanfanar, Istria)

BoškarinType: Animal life
Destination: Kanfanar
The autochthonous Istrian ox with huge horns.
Boškarin Info

The first Istrian Butterfly Garden (Bale, Istria)

The first Istrian Butterfly GardenType: Animal life
Destination: Eia, Bale
Many different types of plants and flowers.
The first Istrian Butterfly Garden Info

Istrian Dinosaurs (Brioni, Istria)

Istrian DinosaursType: Animal life
Destination: Brioni
Dinosaurs trod on the Istrian peninsula.
Istrian Dinosaurs Info

Tears of St. Lawrence (Višnjan, Istria)

Tears of St. LawrenceType: Astronomy
Destination: Višnjan
Astronomy lovers can still enjoy observing the sky here.
Tears of St. Lawrence Info