The first Istrian Butterfly Garden Bale, fun for the whole family in Bale, Istria

The first Istrian Butterfly Garden Bale – Points of interests

The Garden is in the form of a big flower bed with many different types of plants and flowers, created to attract insects and butterflies with their appearance and provide them with nectar. Since it was planted, this beautiful and extraordinary garden has been visited by more than 50 butterfly species, including the very rare Swallowtail. The garden has grown into a real mini-oasis magnificently supplied by the regular visit of butterflies. As this garden needs a lot of water, two irrigation water-tanks can be found close by. This Garden of Butterflies is, besides its beauty, sweet fragrance and uniqueness, praised by its therapeutic properties. It is visible from space as confirmed by satellite photographs. Beside the butterflies, in this eco centre you can also enjoy the visit of many animals and join different workshops, seminars, fairs and exhibitions. ‘Vilinska vrata’ (‘Fairies’ Doors’) in the eco-art centre is open to all admirers of nature that are able to abide by and respect the simple rules of nature. You can help this not-for-profit centre by participating in its construction – you are welcome to come here and plant a flower seedling or evergreen seedling that you have purchased as a gift.