Marcana History

Marcana History Marčana is mnetioned for the first time in the 1243rd in the act of Pula’s oath of loyalty to Venice. At that time Marčana was a part of Pula area and afterwards in 1331 it came under the authority of the Republic of Venice. Since this area was affected by an outbreak of plague on several occasions during the 15th century, Marčana and its surroundings lost all the inhabitants. Afterwards , under the Venetian rule the area was settled by the refugees running away from Greece and Dalmatia.

The centre of Marčana is dominated by the parish church of St. Peter and Paul from the 15th century with the bell-tower dating back to 1846. Marčana is also known for the medieval church of St. Anthony of Padua reconstructed in late 16th century and consecrated in 1709. Marčana Riviera is also visited by pilgrims who come to Hreljići, the smallest Maria shrine in Croatia, to worship Our Lady of Good Health. The oldest town in Marčana Riviera is Nezakcij. This metropolis of Histri (prehistoric tribe after whom Istria was named) keeps perfectly preserved ground plans that give you a detailed idea of prehistoric architecture. In Pula Archeological Museum you can see urns and artifacts that were by custom placed in graves during the period preceding Roman conquest. Gradina, from the bronze age, will astonish you with historical, antique and late antique remains. Many Istrian kažuni are yet another interesting aspect of this region. These authentic small cottages, made without any binding material using a method similar to dry-stone walling, were used by Istrian people as a bad weather shelter and a tool shed. If you follow Istrian wine and olive trails you’re sure to see them along the fields.

Marcana Culture

Marcana Culture The centre of the place is dominated by the parish church of St. Peter and Paul from the 15th century with the bell-tower dating back to 1846. Marčana is also known for the medieval church of St. Anthony of Padua widened in late 16th century and consecrated in 1709. The undiscovered and attractive coast of Marčana steeply immerses into the clean and deep Adriatic Sea. In this coastal area prevail green areas and bays which coast offers a priceless view of the horizon bathing in the blue.

Marcana – Things to do

Marcana - Things to do In the vicinity of Marčana you can find the idyllic village Kavran. It offers a splendid view of Kvarner bay. There is village Manjadvorci will delight you with its authentic Istrian atmosphere, where as in Prodol you can enjoy long walks in fields and oak-tree forests. The nearby quarry might also surprise you with its fascination – besides material, many artists found there inspiration for there work as well. You might also want to check Horse centar located near Marčana. For your enjoyment there’s also a 300 meters long beach and many sport fields in Duga Uvala, village becoming more and more famous for its growing health tourism. You can also visit the underground of Marčana Riviera in Ljubić cave, inhabited as early as 2,000 BC, as well as Golubinka pit and Perešin’s cave. In the vicinity you can exploreBudava bay which has preserved all of its natural beauties. Port of Krnica, coastal extension of village Krnica, is deeply located into the mainland. Appaling coast and underwater of Krnica are ideal for diving, making it an offset for scuba diving tours in the surrounding area. Moreover, it’s believed Krnica offers the best prepared shrimp in the Adriatic.

Marcana – Entertainments and events

During the summertime there are various manifestations organized every year such as : donkey race ( traditional race on donkeys with a fun and gastronomically rich program on May Day), Petrovo ( traditional local festivity on June 29th), Mary Magdalene festivity in Mutvoran ( traditional local festivity with a rich program on July 22nd), Rokovo ( street festivity on August 16th), Svetica ( traditional local festivity on September 8th) and encounters of gemstones (traditional manifestation of the best Istrian poets and reciters, takes place at the end of September).

Marcana – Service Information

Regional Number Code 052
Police Department 192;
Fire Department 193;
Emergency 194;
Bus Station 501-973;
Airport Pula 550-900;
Ambulance 451-411;
Harbour/Ferry 741-662;
Tourist Office 571-058;
Railway Pula 541-733;
General Information 981.

Marcana – How to reach us

You can reach Marcana: By bus which connects Marcana with Pula and Labin ; By train to the nearest Statio in Pulan; By plane to the nearest Pula airport; By boat to the nearest bigger port or by personal boat to the smaller port or marina; By personal vehicle which is the most secure and independent way to travel. You will find the direction on the Istrian Y.

Marcana – Weather Maps


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