Kanfanar, Travel Guide for holidays in Kanfanar, Istria

Kanfanar – Points of interests

Kanfanar panorama The area of Kanfanar was inhabited in the Antiquity, but at that time the main settlement was Dvigrad. Kanfanar startet to develop in the mid of the 17th century when the inhabitants cause of wars and malaria moved to this village. Because of the increase of the population the existing church from XIII. century becomes tight, so at that point, in the 1696 at the same place was built a new and bigger parish church dedicated to St. Sylvester. Kanfanar developed even more when during the Austrian rule the railway to Pula was built. 1947 Kanfanar becomes a district and bans on certain religious practices, such as when, at the time the petitions praying for crops, and went in procession through the villages there were prepared commemorative altars, and when, in commemorate of St. Romuald, the population used to parade by descending into the cave of St.. Romuald where they sang and prayed, a custom that is maintained throughout the Middle Ages. The last time this Mass and procession held was in 1946by the reverend Miroslav Bulešić (martyr killed in Lanišće 1947). Last Saturday in July is reserved for the celebration of St Jacob and boškarin-protected Istrian ox.
You can find the accommodation in private apartments and in luxury villas. We recommend Kanfanar to those who like nature, green meadows, cycling and hiking since the sea is some 20 km away.

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Kanfanar, Istria Kanfanar, Istria