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Ubytování 1133 Pula

Chorvatsko Istrie Pula
Romantické ubytovani
Pláž Ambrela


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Apartmán pro 2 osoby se 2 pomocnými lůžky
ID 9747
2 + 2
50 m2
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Popularly called the Arena of Pula, it was bulit in the 1st century AD during the reign of Emperor Vespasian and it became the ancient monument in the center of Pula. 3000 years ago it hosted the popular gladiator fights which took place in the central flat area called the arena, but today many summer performances take place in the same place where gladiator had fought in the Roman time. It is the 6th largest ancient amphitheater in the world.

Riviera Pula - 10 věcí, které můžete dělat a vidět


Medulin is a popular tourist destination with a rich offer of accommodation and facilities. It has a beautiful coast with many beautiful beaches and it is surrounded by many islets. The most famous beach in Medulin is Bijeca, which spreads more than 1 km along the coast. The beach is sandy with a gradual entrance to the sea, which is great for kids and older people. Those who like sports will be attracted by volleyball in the shoal. Here you can rent deckchairs and parasols and for kids there is an aquagan. On the upper side of the beach you can find a place in the shade of trees, so on the Bijeca beach you can spend the entire day. In Medulin there are many restaurants, shops and bars. Medulin is an ideal place for a vacation, where you can find peaceful and relaxing surrounding, but also a good entertainment.

Rt Kamenjak

In the southest area of the Istrian peninsula you can find a cape Kamenjak, a protected park which hides many natural beauties. The coast extents over 30 kilometers and hides many bays, islets and beaches. Many visitors are attracted by the clean sea and untouched nature who offer visitors a relaxing day to spend on peaceful beaches. There are few sandy beaches which are ideal for families with kids, but the coast is mostly rocky with many flat areas ideal for sunbathing. Kamenjak is a popular diving destination because of its rich underwater world. On the southern part there are strong currents so swimmers should be careful, but conditions are perfect for surfers. On the south-western part of the cape is located a Safari bar where you can have a drink or a light meal.


Unspoiled nature of the Istrian National Park and the diversity of flora and fauna will leave no one indifferent. National park Brioni has its 14 islands and is often reffered as heaven on earth. Do you want peace, relaxation and enjoyment in unspolied natural beauty? Do you want to spend an unforgettable active vacation through biking? Istria Sun can make your every wish come true!


It was built in 1833 at the top of the cliff bearing the same name, south-east of the southern cape of the Istrian peninsula. It consists of a high round stone tower and a ground floor building having an area of 220 m2 in total. Making part of the lighthouse there is a depot, an engine room, 3 wharves, a boat hoist and a boat shelter. The electricity is supplied from 220 V AC public network, while the water is supplied from a cistern. The lighthouse is automated and included into remote control system. It has lightkeepers.

Arena Pula

The ground plan is elliptical, the longer axis measuring about 130 m and the shorter one about 100 m. Gladiator fights took place in the central flat area called the arena, while the spectators could sit on the stone tiers or stand in the gallery. It is believed that the Amphitheater could seat about 20,000 spectators. Local limestone was used for its construction. In the Middle Ages it was the site of knights tournaments and fairs. Today it is the venue for summer performances - the Film Festival, Opera Season, Equestrian Festival, concerts, ... which can seat about 5,000 spectators. The underground passages, once used by the gladiators, nowadays host a regular exhibition of viticulture and olive growing in Istria in ancient times. The exhibits include reconstructions of machines once used for the production of olive oil and wine (mills, presses, vessels) and amphorae used for storing and transporting olive oil and wine. The Amphitheater is situated outside the old city walls because of its size and geographical configuration. The road that leads to the center was constructed during Emperor Vespasian, after whom it was named - Via Flavia. Even today it represents one of the main city roads.

Aquarium Pula

Aquarium Pula isplaced in the Austro-Hungarian fortress Verudela, which was built in 1886 on the peninsula 3 km from the city centre of Pula. The works to transfor the fortress into the aquarium has been in progress since 2002. The installation has been set in about 60 tanks on the ground floor, the moat, and the first floor of the fortress. In an area of approx. 2000 m2 visitors can get acquainted with inhabitants of Northern and Southern Adriatic Sea, tropical marine and freshwater fish and with exemplary of European rivers and lakes.

Forum Pula

The Forum was the nucleus of city life, its religious, administrative, legislative and commercial center. On the northern part of the Forum stood two twin temples and a central one dedicated to Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. Today only the Temple of Augustus has been fully preserved while of the second temple only the back wall, built into the Communal Palace in the 13th century, is visible. Ancient remains of the Forum have been found during the construction of new buildings, the latest ones being "Agrippina and her time" (1st century AD). The remains have been partly restored and are now exhibited in the bank built on the site. Even today the Forum is the administrative and legislative center of the city. During the summer months it is the venue for numerous cultural events.

Lighting Giants

Don't miss Pula's latest attraction, a stunning lighting display at the city's circa 1856 Uljanik shipyard, one of the world's oldest working shipyards. Renowned lighting designer Dean Skira has lit up the shipyard's iconic cranes in 16,000 different colour schemes, which come alive four times every evening on the hour, starting at 9pm for 15 minutes.

Triumphal Arch of Sergius

The gate and wall were pulled down in the beginning of the 19th century as a result of the city expansion outside the city walls. The Arch was constructed in Corinthian style with strong Hellenistic and Asia Minor influences both in the method and ornaments. As the eastern side was not visible it has remained for the most part uncarved, while the western, town side is richly decorated. Today numerous cultural performances, theatrical and musical, are held on the square next to the Arch. The adjacent street is a shopping area.

Nejbližší pláž

Pláž Ambrela

Beach Ambrela is placed right at the entrance into the tourist zone Verudela. Because of its cleanliness and exceptional water quality, it has been awarded the Blue Flag. It attracts especially families with children beacause it has an accesible entrance into the sea . On the beach you can rent deck- chairs and parasols, and there can be found cabins and showers. It’s possible to rent different water and beach sports equipment.The lifeguard service oberves swimmers throughout the day in order to keep all the simmers safe. In the sea has been set the swimmers sea border line. A few meters from the beach, you can find shade as well as two snack bars where you can always refresh.

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Pláž v blízkosti

Pláž Stoja více

On the west from the Pula town center is located a famous resort called Stoja which has a wonderful beach and various tourist facilities. The beach is pebbly with some rocky parts, and with an easily accessible entrance into the sea. Above the beach you can see the tourist camping resort where you can rent different equipment for water sports, and there are also few sport fields for mini-golf, tennis, basketball and volleyball. There are restaurants, bars, shop and an exchange office as a part of the resort. Along the coast stretches a long promenade, from Stoja to Valsaline, where you can enjoy the sunset, the sea and the nice summer breeze.

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Pláž Hawaii více

Hawaii Beach is located in the tourist resort Verudela Beach in the cove below the hotel Park. It is a pebble beach and it has a gradual entrance into the sea. The sea border line has been set into the sea. The beach is perfect for families with small children who can with no worries have fun in the shallow water. The adrenaline will find a place for themselves in the nearest vicinity - the high cliffs from where you can dive into the sea.

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Pláž Histria více

The Histria beach is located under the Parkl Plaza Histria Hotel in the Verudela resort. In this area there are many beautiful beaches and this is one of them, awarded the Blue Flag. The beach is pebble with a gradual entrance into the sea. There are some roomy shadow areas – perfect to spend the whole day there. There is also a wide range of equipment for sea entertainment at disposal for renting. The Rescue Service watches the beach and its visitors the entire day.

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