Barbariga, Travel Guide for holidays in Barbariga, Istria

Barbariga – Points of interests

Barbariga panorama Barbariga is derived from the Venetian noble family name Barbarigo , a family which produced two doges, cardinals and ten regional governors . Among antique ruins of still existing houses were found together with the most important oil works in Istria dating from the 4th century and two large Roman villa rustica with multi – coloured marble mosaics. In the Middle Ages Barbariga was called Cissana promontory after the legendary town of Cissa that disappeared into the sea in the 8th century .Other archeological sites in the area include rests of the prehstoric Mandriol fort and of the early Christian three- naval basilica of St. Andrew with mosaics, sarcophagi and stones. Tourists and bathers often visit the little Barbariga bay with its beach and port. There is a considerable inflow of tourists ad there are many restaurantsoffering fresh fish throughout the year. The beauty of the place offers culture and spirituality, sport activities, fishing.

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Barbariga, Istria Barbariga, Istria