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Discover Istria

Located in Croatia’s northwestern tip, the region of Istria lends itself to a fascinating trip with its unique natural beauty and cultural heritage. This idyllic corner of the Balkans is better explored on a boat. The sight of picturesque villages dotted along the coast will take your breath away if you rent a boat in Croatia.

Historically, Istria is located in the crossroads of Italy and the Balkans, resulting in an idiosyncratic cultural mix that makes the region a unique place to explore. 

Its western coast, although less known for its touristic appeal, is worth visiting for its intact natural landscapes. You will find here the typical Mediterranean scenery of olive groves and vineyards, with the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea in the background.

Istria’s eastern coast is home to several tourist destinations, so ideal for a holiday with your family or friends. A boat trip in this part of Istria is a must, as the turquoise waters and sandy beaches, interspersed with steep mountains covered with lush vegetation, are a testament to the region’s unique natural beauty.

Where to go in Istria

  • Piran – Not far from Trieste, Piran is one of the most beautiful towns in Istria. You will notice here a certain Venetian touch in every corner of the town, particularly reflected in the architecture and the maze of alleys running from the sea to the city centre. Take the opportunity to set sail from its small port and sail along the coast to to Poreč.

  • Poreč – Another city famous for its history and culture, Porec is unmissable if you are sailing in Istria. There are numerous outdoor activities for tourists here, making Poreč a family-friendly destination: sailing, jet skiing, water skiing and surfing, to mention just a few.

From there you can sail to the rocky beach of Crnika or dock at the harbour near the bay of Plava Laguna and swim in its crystal-clear waters, boasting a Blue Flag certification!

  • Rovinj – Whether it is the starting point of the journey or simply a stopover, Rovinj is really a must-see Istrian destination! As elsewhere, you will notice here the influence of the Republic of Venice. Located on a stretch of land that washes graciously into the sea, it offers to the visitor a unique culinary experience. St. Euphemia’s bell tower, modelled after StMark’s bell tower in Venice, and the reflection of the pastel shades of the town’s houses on the blue of the Adriatic Sea form a scenery straight out of a painting.

  • Pula – Home to the Pula Arena, one of the best preserved Roman amphitheatres, this seaside resort will enchant you with its architecture and fine wines. You can rent a boat in Pula to sail along the coast and reach Kamenjak where you will be awestruck by the beauty of the landscape! You will find here a succession of coves and caves carved into the rock, designated as a National Park in 1997.

  • Brijuni Islands National Park – No less than 14 islands, all uniquely beautiful and worth exploring on a boat. Formerly inhabited by the Romans, these islands still preserve traces of ancient times. Enter the lush vegetation and the azure colour of the sea and you have a perfect place to relax and decompress.

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