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Arena, Pula (Pula, Istria)

Popularly called the Arena of Pula, it was bulit in the 1st century AD during the reign of Emperor Vespasian and it became the ancient monument in the center of Pula. 3000 years ago it hosted the popular gladiator fights which took place in the central flat area called the arena, but today many summer performances take place in the same place where gladiator had fought in the Roman time. It is the 6th largest ancient amphitheater in the world.
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Arch of the Sergii – Golden Gate (Pula, Istria)

The former city gate «Porta Aurea» was erected between the years 29 and 27 BC by the Sergi family, in honor of three members of the family who held important positions in Pula at that time.Built in Corinthian style with strong Hellenistic and Asia Minor influences the gate and wall were destroyed in the beginning of the 19th century beacuse of the city expansion outside the city walls.
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The Twin Gates (Pula, Istria)

Called Twin Gates because of the two arches through which you enter the inner yard, they were built between the 2nd and 3rd centuries and today they guide to the Archeological Museum and the Castle.In the ancient and medieval times the city was surrounded by the city walls and people had ten gates to enter in the center. The walls had become old and unnecessary so they were destroyed at the beginning of the 19th century.
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Forum (Pula, Istria)

Situated in the western part of Pula, Forum is the main square. During the Roman time it was the nucleous of the city and its religious, administrative, legislative and commercial center. On the northern part of the Forum stood two twin temples and a central one dedicated to Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. Today only the Temple of Augustus has been preserved. Anyway even today the Forum remains the administrative and legislative center of Pula. In the summer season it’s a place where many cultural events take place.
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National park Brioni (Brijuni) (Pula, Istria)

The only national park in Istria. Brijuni has 14 islands which present a unique play of nature that brings together remarkable animal species and rare flora.An excursion to Veli Brijun, the largest island with a guide include sightseeing of the island natural beauty, safary park, walkway of the Dinosaurs, where numerous traces can be found of these fascinating, extinct animals.
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Pula, Cestovný sprievodca pre dovolenku v Pule, Istria

Pula CultureMesto Pula je samé o sebe poklad. Pri prechádzke ulicami a námestiami zažijete historické príbehy zapísané v každej pamiatke a v každom kameni. V Pule sa hovorí, že každý kameň má svoj vlastný príbeh. Aby ste viac pochopili históriu, môžete navštíviť niektoré múzeá v meste Pula: Historické a námorné múzeum, Archeologické múzeum, vedľa neho nájdete podzemné galérie, Istrijské múzeum súčasného umenia, Galéria Sacred Hearts a mnoho ďalších.

Najmä v letných mesiacoch ponúka Pula veľké množstvo kultúrnych aktivít, ako napríklad filmový festival, ktorý sa koná v rímskom amfiteátri, festival umenia a hudby, medzinárodný divadelný festival mládeže, divadlo Ulysses s množstvom hier na Brijuni Minor, Medzinárodný festival alternatívneho divadla, festival Seasplash. Mesto má mnoho galérií ako napríklad Cvajner, Mestská galéria, Mládežnícky klub, Milotic, MMC Luka, Nemes, Okvir, Staré mesto, Vincent z Kastavu a mnoho ďalších.