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Biking and cycling in Istria

Biking tracks in Istria, for example Parenzana as one of the most popular, are a perfect way for discovering it’s natural attractions. Wood and streams, konobas and cellars, hidden chapels and ancient ruins – all these places are connected by more than 500 kilometres of bicycle trails. Come and check why the number of bikers on Istria’s tracks has been growing rapidly and why has biking in Istria become so popular.

Cycling race Parenzana

Parenzana, the route of the former railroad has been turned into a real attraction for hikers and bycicle riders. If you walk or cycle at least over a part of its 78 km route, you will be touched by its tunnels, bridges and viaducts, as well as by its fascinating woodlands and picturesque small towns at the top of the hills among whose town walls you can taste some most delicious regional specialties.

Biking centar Adrenalina, Pula

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