WELCOME IN CROATIA: Timeless charm!

Boskarin Kanfanar

Boškarin, the autochthonous Istrian ox with huge horns, has always been the most important farm animal in Istria. It has been usedin the fields for plowing and pulling carts, whereas the popular expression boškarin originates from the pet name once commonly used for almost all such oxen.

Boskarin Kanfanar, fun for the whole family in Kanfanar, Istria

Boskarin Kanfanar – Points of interests

Every year on St. Jacob’s Day – Jakovlja, Kanfanar is the site for the traditional fair where the best boškarin is chosen. At 5 pm they leave the fairground and go through Kanfanar, heading towards the cattle scales where each boškarin is weighed. In the nearby small valley each ox shows its skill of ploughing with traditional ploughs, with only one ox, in pairs and even two pairs. After ploughing, cattle return to the fairground where the best ox is chosen, as well as winners in certain disciplines.