WELCOME IN CROATIA: Timeless charm!

Cave Cerovac (Velebit, Dalmatia)

Cerovac Caves are located in the southern part of the nature park of Velebit and are among the most famous in Croatia. The complex consists of three caves (lower, middle and upper) with 4 km of explored canals. For a guided tour, you can visit the first 700 m of Gornja and Donja Spilja.

Cave Cerovac, Tourist guide for vacation in Velebit, Dalmatia

Cave Cerovac, Velebit – Don’t miss

These caves are full of objects belonging to a distant past. In addition to a large amount of archaeological remains in the caves Cerovačke is the cave bear. Even today, on the walls of caves you see the signs left by bears in the past. The temperature in the caves is between 5 and 11 degrees, so we recommend warm clothing that covers your head and comfortable shoes, even during the summer.