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Waterfalls in Istria

Amazing variety of Istrian waterfalls, will leave no one indifferent. Istrian waterfalls offers plenty of opportunities for an unforgettable holiday.
Explore this magical land, look at nature and let yourself enjoy the beauty of Istrian nature!

Waterfalls Zarecki krov (Pazin, Istria)

Waterfalls Zarecki krov Zarecki krov is a spacious cave, which resembles a roof over that river on its course Pazinčica creates ten meters tall waterfall and lake…

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Waterfalls Gologoricki dol (Cerovlje, Istria)

Waterfalls Gologoricki dol In the valley, among the beautiful hills of central Istria, situated Gologoricki Dol. Just 5 km from Cerovlje can enjoy the untouched nature, mild weather…
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Waterfalls Butori ponor (Momjan, Central Istria)

Butori ponor Slap on the river Arđila and below the waterfall is the abyss…

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Waterfalls Kotli (Kotle) (Buzet, Istria)

Kotli (Kotle) Situated on the hills, in their sockets, valleys, the sea, along the river…

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Waterfalls Sopot (Labin, Istria)

Waterfalls Sopot Sopot waterfall, a favorite resort of many domestic and foreign tourists, is located in the village of Floričići…

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Waterfalls Butoniga (Buzet, Istria)

Waterfalls Butoniga Lake Butoniga a water dam in Istria, on the same river. Its main purpose is to supply, and serves to retain water waves…

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Waterfalls Uvala Blaz (Labin, Istria)

Waterfalls Uvala Blaz Blaz Bay is located on the rakaljske the Rasa Bay, roughly 25 kilometers from Labin, as much as from Pula…

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