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Cocktail bars in Istria

Even if Cocktail bars in Istria are not as popular as the many lounge bars and common caffes they contribute a great source of entertainment when you desire something a little out of the ordinary.
Serving a wide range of exotic, domestic and international cocktail, cocktail bars in Istria have become the perfect place to enjoy a casual outing among new and old friends. The exotic atmosphere together with the friendly staff, give cocktail bars the feeling that you truly are in Hawaii!

Cocktail bar Batana, Fazana

Cocktail bar Batana, FazanaType: cocktail bars
Phone: 00385 98 9127212
Address: Aleja maslina 2A
Destination: Fazana

Cocktail bar Zanzibar, Rovinj

Cocktail bar Zanzibar, RovinjType: cocktail bars
Phone: 00385 52 813206
Address: P. Budicina
Destination: Rovinj

Cocktail bar Aruba, Pula

Cocktail bar Aruba, PulaType: cocktail bars
Phone: 00385 98 9648234
Address: Šijanska cesta 1A
Destination: Pula

Cocktail bar Daylight, Umag

Cocktail bar Daylight, UmagType: cocktail bars
Phone: 00385 99 7974488
Address: Katoro resort
Destination: Umag