WELCOME IN CROATIA: Timeless charm!

Medveja (Opatija, Istria)

Two kilometers past Lovran, you will come upon a small place which appears to have only a beautiful large pebble beach, however, a campground is situated in the area of the delta of the creek which flows from Učka Mountain.

Medveja, Travel Guide for holidays in Medveja, Istria


Medveja panorama Medveja is the perfect destination for nature lovers and those in search of a little peace, and for families with children who can play carelessly here. Accommodation is available in private homes, and the town has restaurants and shops. Guests are invited to take advantage of the sport and recreation activities, including diving and to enjoy the frequent evening parties at the beachfront facilities.

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Medveja, Istria Medveja, Istria