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Cave Romuald’s Cave (Lim Channel, Istria)

When at the turn of the millennium Romuald came to these parts from Ravenna, he was already well known for his miraculous deeds. From 1001 – 1002 Romuald, one-time member of the Benedictine order and later founder of the Camaldoli order, started to build a monastery in Kloštar above Lim Bay.

Cave Romuald’s Cave in Lim Channel, Travel Guide for holidays in Pore, Istria

Cave Romuald’s Cave, Lim Channel – Points of interest

After completing his work he chose the solitary life of a hermit and so in the summer of 1002 went to the nearby Captain’s Cave on the shore of Lim Bay. Since this semi-cave could be easily reached, he searched for a new home far from inquisitive visitors and found it on the northern slope of the hill with the small church of St. Martin: the cave was 105 long, completely straight and passable. People believed that demons and dark forces lived in this cave, so they never came near. Romuald was the first person to enter this cave after a long time and he remained there for two and a half years. The only contact with the outer world was a shepherd from Jural. Historical records say that St. Romuald lived at the far end of the main hall. It was not until 1005 when St. Romuald left, that worshippers started going into the cave.