Liznjan, Travel Guide for holidays in Liznjan, Istria

Liznjan – Points of interests

Liznjan panorama The Municipality of Liznjan is situated at the very south-east of the Istrian peninsula. It is an ideal place for nature lovers and for those who want to relax away from the traffic, but at the same time be close to the center of entertainment. Liznjaj is an undiscovered jewel. In front of it extends a small island called Levan. It is located beneath its coasts, with a beautiful sandy beach. The history of this small town is really fascinating as evidenced by the settlement sites of over 7000 years old, the remains of Roman villas, amphora pieces and old wrecks that can still be found at the bottom of the sea. In the center of the town you can visit the church Gospa od Kuj ( built in the 17th century on the same place where once stood a roman villa) and st. Marti church ( from 1879, built on earlier remains, with the statue of saint Titular), lighthouses Lanterna and Galiola, as well as Svetica ( ancient building with double walls).

During the summertime Liznjan organizes many festivities. The most famous are “Liznjan night” (traditional national festivity on August 4), club race ( competition in underwater on April 18) and Velika Gospa ( national festivity with music and gastronomic specialties on August 15). Anyway, everyday during the summer in the evening hours you can enjoy numerous delicacies in the restaurant “Bak”, tavern “Galiola”, pizzeria “Kontiki” and the restaurant “Old fisherman”.

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