Vinkuran, Travel Guide for holidays in Vinkuran, Istria

Vinkuran – Points of interests

Vinkuran panorama The fishing village Vinkuran is isolated from the tourist crowds,but just a few kilometers from the tourist centers. Inhabitants deal with traditional agriculture, fishing for personal needs and tourism. The private apartments above Vinkuran Bay and Soline Cove guarantee a pleasant and peaceful vacation. Vinkuran has a sheltered beach along pine trees. It is ideal for nature lovers who enjoy peace and quiet. Vinkuran has always been famed for its stone. In ancient times stone blocks were taken from the quarry near Vinkuran – Cave Romane for the construction of Pula’s Arena. In the bay there is an oyster breeding. It was first mentioned 1303rd, when the area belonged to Pomer. Abandoned after the plague, was re-colonized repeatedly in the XVI and XVII century At the end of the nineteenth Vinkuran was settled by Premantura residents who worked in the Shipyard in Pula.

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Vinkuran, Istria Vinkuran, Istria