Pjescana Uvala, Travel Guide for holidays in Pjescana Uvala, Istria

Pjescana Uvala – Points of interests

Pjescana Uvala panorama Moving not far away from the city and turning towards the sea, over the last thirty years, the inhabitants of Pula have built a modern settlement which is Pješcana Uvala, with private houses and family-run hotels. This bay vaunts numerous restaurants, two of which are the leading ones in Croatia. They have been included in all gastronomic guides and have received the most prestigious tourist awards. Pješcana Uvala offers a true gastronomic experience. Accommodation is offered in private rooms, apartments and family-run hotels, some of which are of the highest category. The architecture of entire Pješcana Uvala, as well as the Church of St. Nicholas the Traveler, is completely modern. Built in the form of a ship, a combination of white and blue, the church guards the entire settlement from its hilltop location. The hillside above the bay lightly slopes towards the southwest and is exposed to the sun all day. the settlement is sheltered from the wind. For this reason one of the best equipped marinas in Croatia has been built nearby, in the direction of Veruda Bay. It provides 650 berths on 18 piers and 250 boat places on land. All piers are under video surveillance, the marina has a 30t crane, 25t hydraulic yard trailer, and boaters can also have Internet access. The marina is modernized each year. Marina guests are mostly Germans, Austrians and Italians.

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Pjescana Uvala, Istria Pjescana Uvala, Istria