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Agrotourisms in Istria

Istrian agrotourism are popular for their pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere with always friendly people that will always motivate you to return. The combination of a delightful atmosphere and a rich selection of local dishes cooked in the traditional way will make your dining experience unforgettable. Visit the farm household in Istria and enjoy the unique culinary savour! Get away from the city crowds and return to the beauty of nature. Enjoy the peace and quietness and awake to the twitter of birds.
Agrotourism and farm household in Istria are an ideal opportunity for children to see farm animals and play on the beautiful meadows.

Agritourism Milena, Visnjan

Agritourism Milena, VisnjanType: Agrotourisms
Phone: +385-52-449-353
Address: Bacva 3
Destination: Visnjan

Agritourism Mofardin, Rovinj

Agritourism Mofardin, RovinjType: Agrotourisms
Phone: +385 52 829044
Address: Vestar 4
Destination: Rovinj

Agritourism Partner, Barban

Agritourism Partner, BarbanType: Agrotourisms
Phone: +385 52 544400
Address: Bratulići 18
Destination: Barban

Agritourism San Mauro, Momjan

Agritourism San Mauro, MomjanType: Agrotourisms
Phone: +385 52 779033
Address: San Mauro 157
Destination: Momjan