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Wineries and Winemakers in Istria

Some of the most famous sorts of Istria wines are: teran, malvazija, chardonnay, muskat, pinot, sauvignon, merlot, cabernet, borgonja, refosk. Visit the wineries in Istria and enjoy the best Istria wines! Along the roads you can fnd many sings that will lead you directly to to best wineries.
IstriaSun offers you a chance to see a wide selection of wineries in Istria. Visit wineries and winemakers in Istria and taste a glass of excellent wine!

Winemaker Wine Shop Babic, Porec

Winemaker Wine Shop Babic, PorecType: Wineries and Winemakers
Phone: 00385 52 428708
Address: Bože Milanovića 24
Destination: Porec

Winemaker Capo Wines, Novigrad

Winemaker Capo Wines, NovigradType: Wineries and Winemakers
Phone: 00385 52 774401
Address: Fernetići 60, Brtonigla
Destination: Novigrad

Winemaker Dario Marčeta, Pula

Winemaker Dario Marčeta, PulaType: Wineries and Winemakers
Phone: 00385 98 219308
Address: Pineta I ogr. 2
Destination: Pula

Winemaker Moreno Degrassi, Umag

Winemaker Moreno Degrassi, UmagType: Wineries and Winemakers
Phone: 00385 52 759250
Address: Basanija bb
Destination: Umag