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Jadreski (Medulin, Istria)

Jadreški is a village in the municipality of Ližnjan. You can reach Jadreški by taking the direction from Pula to Šišan. According to the census of 2001. year, the village had a population of 321 and 102 family households.

Jadreski, Travel Guide for holidays in Loborika, Istria

Jadreski – Points of interests

Jadreski panorama Jadreški is a relatively new settlement. It was found in the end of the XVI century when the family named Jadreschi built there their first houses. It is thought that the family built their new residence there because it was an old Roman settlement but the historians here don’t agree. Jadreški is a quiet village, away from the noise and from the city stress, suitable for families with small children.

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Jadreski, Istria Jadreski, Istria