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Premantura (Medulin, Istria)

This is the southermost cape of the Istrian peninsula. Premantura is very popular form its famous protected landscape Rt Kamenjak. Cape Kamenjak is 9.5 km long, 1.5 km wide, with altogether 30 km of indented coastline. It covers an area of approximately 404 where can be found the most secluded coves and miniature beaches. Cape Kamenjak is included in the list of the most private beaches, ranked by the world famous travel guide Lonely Planet.

Premantura, Travel Guide for holidays in Premantura, Istria

Premantura – Points of interests

Premantura panorama The wonderful blue green water is the cleanest in the whole Adriatic sea .Moreover, on a relatively small area there are 530 plant species and among them 20 orchid species, some of which are endemi. There are plenty of rocky beaches, as well as pebbly coves. Since it’ s a protected landscape there are no campsites on this cape, hotels or any other type of structures but you can reach Kamenjak by car, bike or boat. Premantura is the southest town of the Istrian peninsula, near the biggest town Pula. Premantura is special because of its coastline and marvellous beaches. The sea color which can be seen here is a exceptional blue-green, the clearest in the entire Adriatic. You can find some of the most attractive pebble and rocky beaches in this area: Point Kamenjak, Sandy cove beach, Stupice beach (pebble beach), Munte (a combination of a beautiful pebble beach and a paved sun-bathing spot). This is one of the rare destinations which offer a beach which is adapted to the blind. In the town center you can visit the church of St. Lovre (located on the central square and built in the 17th century; a special festivity takes place on August 10 when the patron saint of Premantura is celebrated – St. Lovre) and the tower (a coordinator for many seamen who could travel along the shore). While in Premantura, be sure to visit numerous small islands in the surroundings, the most interesting of which is Porer, which contains a high stone building and a lighthouse. Sports and active vacations enthusiasts can enjoy diving, cycling, surfing, sailing, water skiing and many other activities.

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Premantura, Istria Premantura, Istria
Premantura, Istria Premantura, Istria