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Valtura (Medulin, Istria)

Valtura is a small village situated in the Istrian peninsula, 11km north-east from Pula. It is famous for its rich cultural and historical heritage which dates back to the Roman era. It is located only 2 km from the most valuable site, Nesactium, which was a very important city in the Bronze Age. This is the favorite location of archeologists.

Valtura, Travel Guide for holidays in Valtura, Istria

Valtura – Points of interests

Valtura panorama The little village of Valtura is situated quite close to the Pula Airport. It is connected with Liznaj and Pula It is well-known for several archeological discoveries, especially in Nesactium which is just 2 km away from Valtura.

Valtura is not more than 10 km away from Pula. Locals who want to escape the routine humdrum of the city head out here for peace and quiet. This Istrian village is small and tame and the presence of nearby Nesactium is another attraction. In pre-Roman times Nesactium with his legendary king Epulon, was the capital of the tribal population of the peninsula called Histri. In 177 BC the town was defeated by the Romans and destroyed. Rebuilt upon the original Histrian pattern, it was a Roman town until the 46-45 BC, when the ancient Greek colonies Polai was elevated to Pietas Iulia, today Pula.
Valtura is definitely a great vacation town.

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Valtura, Istria Valtura, Istria