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The lighthouse of St. John’s cliff (Rovinj, Istria)

Position: 45° 02,6′ N / 013° 37,1′ E    Tower height: 15m
Light character. W Fl(2) 10s (0,5+2,5;0,5+6,5)s    Visibility sector: 360°
Main light range: 24NM    Standby light range: 12NM
Height of light above M.H.W.: 24m    Fog signal character: 30s (4+26)s
Fog signal range: 2NM

The lighthouse of St. John’s cliff in Rovinj , Travel Guide for holidays in Rovinj, Istria

The lighthouse of St. John’s cliff, Rovinj – Points of interests

This lighthouse was built in 1853 on the cliff bearing the same name, on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula. It consists of an octagonal stone tower and a building with ground floor and first floor having an area of 200 m2 in total. Making part of the lighthouse there is a depot, an engine room, a wharf, a boat hoist and a boat shelter. The electricity is supplied by 24 V DC solar modules and by 220V AC provided by a generator, while the water is supplied from a cistern. It has a biological pit. The lighthouse is automated and included into remote control system. It has lightkeepers.