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The lighthouse of St. Nicholas (Porec, Istria)

Position: 43° 21,7′ N / 016° 44,4′ E
Tower height: 11m
Light character: W Fl 5s (0,5+4,5)s
Visibility sector: 360°
Main light range: 8NM
Height of light above M.H.W.: 20m

The lighthouse of St. Nicholas in Porec , Travel Guide for holidays in Porec, Istria

The lighthouse of St. Nicholas, Porec – Points of interests

This lighthouse is built in 1882 at the entrance into the bay of Pučišće, on the northern side of the island of Brač. It consists of a quadrangle stone tower and a ground floor building with an area of 70 m2 in total. Making part of the lighthouse there is a small church of Saint Nicholas and a wharf. The electricity is supplied by 220V AC solar modules, while the water is supplied from a cistern. The lighthouse is automated, included into remote control system and without personnel.