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The lighthouse of Porer cliff (Medulin, Istria)

Position: 44° 45,5′ N / 013° 53,8′ E    Tower height : 31m
Light character: W Fl(3) 15s (2(0,3+2,7;0,3+8,7)s    Visibility sector: 255°-147°(252°)
Main light range: 25NM    Standby light range: 12NM
Height of light above M.H.W.: 35m    Fog signal character: 42s (4+4;4+30)s
Fog signal range: 2NM

The lighthouse of Porer cliff in Medulin , Travel Guide for holidays in Medulin, Istria

The lighthouse of Porer cliff, Medulin – Points of interests

It was built in 1833 at the top of the cliff bearing the same name, south-east of the southern cape of the Istrian peninsula. It consists of a high round stone tower and a ground floor building having an area of 220 m2 in total. Making part of the lighthouse there is a depot, an engine room, 3 wharves, a boat hoist and a boat shelter. The electricity is supplied from 220 V AC public network, while the water is supplied from a cistern. The lighthouse is automated and included into remote control system. It has lightkeepers.