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Gracisce (Central Istria)

Only fifteen years ago it seemed that this old little town standing over the hilly landscape of central Istria had been ignored by modern changes. Life started already in prehistory and it is said that the name Gallignana was given to the town by the ancient Gauls more than two thousand years ago.

Gracisce, Travel Guide for holidays in Gracisce, Istria

Gracisce – Points of interests

Gracisce panorama An active life in Gračišće was brought in by the Slavs, whose spiritual heritage can still be discerned in the name of the hill – Perunčevac, named after Perun, the highest Slavic god, but also in the thousand-year old worshipping of Svantovid, the origin, some people believe, of the Christian St. Vitus, Patron of the Parish of Gračišće.
One of the most curios particularities of Gračišće is its urban structure: the town, once surrounded by walls, is divided into districts of which every one has its own square with a church. The most illustrative is the town centre – the Plac, with the church dedicated to the Mother of God , the chapel of St. Anthony and the Salomon Palace. This part can be reached through the West Gate with a Loggia erected in 1549. On the other side of the Gate the street splits left towards the Parish Church of Sts. Vitus, Modestus and Crescentia , and to the right towards the residential district around the square and the church of St. Pancras dating back to the 14th century. The street going along this church used to lead towards the south town gate.

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Gracisce, Istria Gracisce, Istria