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Groznjan (Central Istria)

Groznjan, an ancient town in northwestern Istira, fifteen km from the sea has to offer a great wealth of tradition, cultural heritage and natural beauty. Today, many cultural and historical landmarks serve as backdrops for cultural manifestations and entertainment. In Grožnjan you can attend regular concerts of classical music, a jazz festival, the painting manifestation Ex Tempore, and different exhibitions at the municipal gallery and at twenty private galleries and studios.

Groznjan, Travel Guide for holidays in Groznjan, Istria

Groznjan – Points of interests

Groznjan panorama Six kilometres from Buje you will notice the medieval Grožnjan which was bought in 1358 by Venetians from Baron Reiffenberga and since then is the administrative center of the surrounding area. Tower, some parts of the walls and two doors are the remains of the former old town. Within the walls of the main square there is a loggia from the 16th century. This part oc central Istria is still rich with forest and meadows. That us because people have always reared sheep which are source for milk and meat. Grožnjan was the last destination of the shepherds who were lowered in winter to uplift of Učka in search of pasture land. After the IIWW the artists brought life in the deserted Grožnjan and it was declared the city of artists. In Grožnjan you will sense the traditional hospitality of the people by tasting theris local wine. In the agrotourist objects, you will have the opportunity to savor excellent traditional foods: local prosciutto, cheese, dishes seasoned with award-winning olive oil and other original products of village tourism.

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Groznjan, Istria Groznjan, Istria