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Vizinada (Central Istria)

The town is located in the inland 17 km northeast of Poreč. The town provides one of the most beautiful views of the Green and Blue Istria from the hill rising above the Mirna, where the town is situated. Walking along the streets of this town you will surely be captivated by the smell of the cakes during the manifestation Slatka Istra ‘Sweet Istria’.

Vizinada, Travel Guide for holidays in Vizinada, Istria

Vizinada – Points of interests

Vizinada panorama Not only historical and cultural attractions, rich vineyards that thanks to the richness of the soil grow high quality wines, famous cuisine of enchanted fruits, old town Vižinada offers a unique recreational pleasures on the restored railroad Parenzana, an old railway that connected Poreč and Trieste. A 123 kilometers long route walkers and cyclists will pass through fresh forest, beautiful towns, stone villages, modest tunnels, viaducts fascinated by the diversity of landscapes and colors that truly abounds in this area.

The history of Vižinada is very interesting. On the God’s field, today’s cemetery, was built in the 11th century the former church of St. Mary. In 1119 there was founded Templars monastery and thus became the center Templars in Istria. After the French King Philip the Nice, on Friday 13th October 1307, because of their money, organized a massive hunt for the Templars, in 1312.Templars disappeared. Their place in the monastery had taken the Hospitallers – Knights of Malta and after them in 1526 the Franciscan Third Order. Above the door of the Church is the head of Attila the Hun who according to some legends ended up his life just in this area. Behind the famous tank with two wells from the 1772, there is an old building in which are built Venetian lion (15th century) and an engraved stone tablet from the port of Bastia 1726.

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Vizinada, Istria Vizinada, Istria