WELCOME IN CROATIA: Timeless charm!

Roc (Central Istria)

Situated in the centre of the north Istria, 348 metres above sea-level, in the midst of natural beauties, rises a small town of Roč, located 10 kilometres from Buzet. The town was founded in ancient history.

Roc, Travel Guide for holidays in Roc, Istria

Roc – Points of interests

Roc panorama It started as an Illyrian settlement, then became a Roman castrum surrounded by many small settlements. Roč was an important Glagolitic center and in the 13th century the Glagolitic alphabet was carved into the wall of the church of St. Anthony Abbot. Roč has become a destinatin for many visitors, tourists and those fascinated by history, Glagolitic script, and the beauty of the hill below Ćićarija descending through the valley of Mirna towards the warm sea, is keeping up with contemporary events.

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Roc, Istria Roc, Istria