Rijeka, Turistički vodič za odmor i ljetovanje u Hrvatskoj – Rijeka, Kvarner

Rijeka – Ne propustite

Rijeka belonged to Italy from 1924 to 1945 , but still preserves Italian culture and traditions. With the Treaty of Peace of Paris, Rijeka, was ceded to the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Today Rijeka is part of the Republic of Hrvatska. Today Rijeka is one of the most important trading ports in Hrvatska , which is only 65 km far away from Trieste. Rijeka has great restaurants , shops and nightlife. We suggest you to visit :
– The Korzo is pedestrianized area where numerous buildings in Austro-Hungarian style, and the tower which is the symbol of the city
– Castle Trsat erected over the city from the Frankopani which houses an art gallery
– Petar Kruzic the staircase that leads to the castle of Trsat
– The Church of St. Vito
– The Naval Historical Museum The famous Carnival of Rijeka is the largest and most famous carnival in this part of Europe.

Privatni apartmani i kuće za odmor Rijeka, Hrvatska