Senj, Turistički vodič za odmor i ljetovanje – Senj, Kvarner

Senj – Ne propustite

Senj panoramaSenj town Senj is encompassing numerous small towns dotted along the shore at the foot of Mount Velebit (Klada, Starigrad, Jablanac, Sv. Juraj, Lukovo, Stinica and Prizna) or higher up in the mountains of Velebit and Kpela (Stolac, Vratnik, Krasno, Krivi Put and Senjska Draga). Senj’s old town are a treasure trove of historical discoveries. The most monumental fortress in the entire Hrvatskan Littoral, the Nehaj fortress, was built in 1558 to defend the town from Turk and Venetian attacks. Numerous events take place in Senj. The people of Senj have always loved Carnival, both in winter and, quite uniquely, in summer, because each August Senj hosts an international carnival. Senj offers various sport attractions, you can: dive into its blue depths, try your luck at fishing, set sail in winds, experience undersea gardens, or just relax on a sunny terrace. The mountains offer various recreation and adventure activities, numerous hiking and biking trails, hunting, free-climbing, caving or snow sports in winter.

Privatni apartmani i kuće za odmor – Senj, Hrvatska