Rab Turistički vodič za odmor i ljetovanje u Hrvatskoj – Rab, Rab, Kvarner

Rab, Rab – Ne propustite

Rab is surrounded by walls. The center of Rab consists of the remains belonging to ancient times, the tower and the church of St. Christopher, the remains of the church and convent of St. John, the church of Santa Croce, the cathedral of Assumption of Mary, the monastery of St. Anthony, the square Municipium Arbe, the harbor, the lodge and the church of St. Francis.
During the summer in Rab are held many cultural events including the fair of Rab (Rapska fjera). The fair is held in Rab 3 days: July 25 feast of St. James, July 26 Feast of St. Anne and July 27 (the day of the martyrdom of the saint) feast of St. Christopher and ends with the jousting.

Privatni apartmani i kuće za odmor Rab, isola di Rab, Hrvatska