Sumartin Turistički vodič za odmor i ljetovanje u Hrvatskoj – Sumartin, Dalmacija

Sumartin, Brač – Ne propustite

The inhabitants of Sumartin deal mainly with fishing, navigation and shipbuilding. Sumartin took its name from the medieval chapel of St. Martin, where the friar Andrija Kacic-Miosic laid the foundations for the Franciscan convent. In Sumartin, the ferries coming from Makarska. The beaches of Sumartin today are famous for its clean sea, beautiful nature and the culinary offerings. The typical products of Sumartin are cheese, honey, lamb and wine. In the bays of Rasotica, Zukovik, Radonja, Studena, Zvirje and Spilice there are beautiful beaches of gravel and sand.

Privatni apartmani i kuće za odmor za ljetovanje u Hrvatskoj – Sumartin, Hrvatska