Beach Cape Babo, Rovinj, Travel Guide for holidays in Rovinj, Istria

Beach Cape Babo, Rovinj – Points of interests

Beach Cape Babo, Rovinj Rovinj panorama Cape Babo is locatedabout 5 km distance from Rovinj and represents the coast where the so-called wild beaches start, that is beaches, where there are no sports grounds, sanitary facilities and neither gastronomic nor other services. But, Cape Babo is located near the campsite Veštar, so the tennis field or a bar is 10 15 minutes away on foot. The beaches are mainly stony with a difficult access to the sea, but every 50 to 100 meters there are more accessible little bays that are more attractive for those people who would like to spend their summer holiday surrounded by nature, peace and quiet.

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Beach Cape Babo, Rovinj, RovinjBeach Cape Babo, Rovinj, Rovinj