Beach AC Bijela Uvala, Travel Guide for holidays in Porec, Istria

Beach AC Bijela Uvala – Points of interests

Beach AC Bijela Uvala Porec panorama Bijela Uvala is a beach paved with concrete and natural roughly-worked stone blocks. It is a campside resort beach with lifesaving equipment, life guards, first aid, doctor, motor-camp, facilities for receiving recyclable waste, catering establishment, swimming pool, etc. The beach guards are present from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (May 15-September 30). The camping sites in a mostly oak forest, grasslands, 300 m long, between peninsula and cape. There is a promenadealong the whole coastline connecting all parts of Zelena Laguna. The beach can be reached from the camp by surfaced walkways. There is a bulletin board (info on conditions on the beach, results of sampling, map of sampling points, cultural and protected heritage, etc), camp reception providing all relevant information, eco-activities (waste collection and transportation, energy saving, eco- messages), signs, gazettes, regulations.

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Beach AC Bijela Uvala, PorecBeach AC Bijela Uvala, Porec