Beach Bay Dagita, Rovinj, Travel Guide for holidays in Rovinj, Istria

Beach Bay Dagita, Rovinj – Points of interests

Beach Bay Dagita, Rovinj Rovinj panorama Dagita-Bay lies 7 km from Rovinj, you can’t reach the Bay by car, but you have to take a 20-minutes walk from Cisterna-Bay. Dagita-Bay is a wild beach that has no sports grounds, sanitary facilities, gastronomic or other services. The beaches in Dagita-Bay are mostly stony and rocky with a difficult access to the sea, so that we don’t recommend it to elderly people and children. Here, you won’t find any shelter from the sun, since there grow only low thick bushes. Even if the beaches don’t seem to be so attractive, you will certainly find peace and intimacy here and discover the beauty and the variety of the undersea. One of the attractive sights of nature in this bay is the characteristic rosy color of the stones that you won’t find anywhere else on the coast of Rovinj.

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Beach Bay Dagita, Rovinj, RovinjBeach Bay Dagita, Rovinj, Rovinj