Beach Bay Guštinja, Rovinj, Travel Guide for holidays in Rovinj, Istria

Beach Bay Guštinja, Rovinj – Points of interests

Beach Bay Guštinja, Rovinj Rovinj panorama The bay Guštinja is located in the area of the Rovinj Riviera. The best way to get there is the sea way, and if you decide to come by a car, you will have to park in the bay Cisterna and continue on foot for 10-minutes. Guštinja Bay is a wild beach with no sports grounds, no sanitary facilities and no gastronomic or other services. The most beautiful beaches in Guštinja-Bay are two small gravel bays. The access to the sea is quite easy and the beaches are very suitable for children. The other beaches are mainly stony with more or less accessible coastal parts. The impossibility to access Guštinja-Bay by car makes it well-attended by those who own or rent a boat. Because of inaccessibility it is never crowded, you can find your peace under the sun or in the shade of pine trees and you can enjoy in the summer peacefulness. The sea bottom is full of fish which will delight all lovers of diving.

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Beach Bay Guštinja, Rovinj, RovinjBeach Bay Guštinja, Rovinj, Rovinj