Rasa, Travel Guide for holidays in Rasa, Istria

Rasa – Points of interests

Rasa panorama Raša is the youngest town in Istra. On the personal initiative of Mussolini, the town construction started in the middle of 1936. At this time the town was built in order to accomodate the miners and mining. It was named after the river that flows through the settlement. In this newly-built town workers’ houses set along two parallel streets that meet at the central square. The town square is dominated by St. Barbara church, the patron of all miners in the shape of a turned over coal wagon while its bell tower reminds of miner’s lamp. The church itself is shaped like an upturned coal-mine cart, while the church tower has the shape of a coal mine lamp. Church arcades remind of coal mine galleries as well.

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Rasa, IstriaRasa, Istria