Besides the significant historical richness, Rovinj offers also many cultural goods. Art is very important in the cultural center of Istria and that is why every year a lot of manifestations are being held here. Some of them are “Umjetnička kolonija Rovinj” and “Grisija”. Some other manifestations are the international pop festival, the day of the holy Euphemia (the rearguard of Rovinj since the 16th century), the Rovinj Summer Festival and the Regatta in Rovinj. You can also visit a lot of local museums (the museum of the city Rovinj, The house of Batana).

Cultural sight Dvigrad (Rovinj, Istria)

Cultural sight Dvigrad Dvigrad is a medieval town abandoned in the seventeenth century, and only its ruins remain, of which the most impressive are those of the church of St. Sofia. Dvigrad is 23 kilometres from Rovinj…
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Cultural sight Old Town (Rovinj, Istria)

Cultural sight Old Town Rises up on a peninsula and is a witness to times gone by and the valuable accomplishments of its past artisans…

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Cultural sight The castle on the island of St. Andrija (Rovinj, Istria)

Cultural sight The castle on the island of St. Andrija Was originally a Benedictine Monastery established in the sixth century AD. In the fifteenth century the Franciscan order added extensions and it was again refurbished at the end of the nineteenth century by Baron Hutterodt…
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Cultural sight Town walls and gates (Rovinj, Istria)

Cultural sight Town walls and gates By the seventh century AD, Rovinj was already surrounded by town walls, and later strengthened by the construction of towers. The old town had seven gates, while three still exist today…
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