Beach Donji Spadici, Travel Guide for holidays in Porec, Istria

Beach Donji Spadici – Points of interests

Beach Donji Spadici Porec panorama Situated 2 km north from the city of Porec, Donji Spadici is an urban beach, between two hotels, in the vicinity of a sport center. The beach is a combination of pebbles, cement and rocks. The beach was significantly renovated last year – coastal support walls were added, as well as paved surfaces for sunbathing and new stairs for sea access. The beach and the nearby hotels encourgae sustainable transportation, by organizing small trains to transport the guests, and by having arranged bike and walking tours. The beach has life-guards, life-saving facilities, first-aid, recycable waste facilties, lockers, etc. Life-guards are present from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.(June 1-September 30). There is a bulletin board (info on conditions on the beach, results of sampling, map of sampling points, cultural and protected heritage, etc), camp reception providing all relevant information, eco-activities (waste collection and transportation, energy saving, eco- messages), signs, gazettes, regulations.

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Beach Donji Spadici, PorecBeach Donji Spadici, Porec