Windsurfing in Istria

Windsurfing in Istria
Especially in the last few years Istria has always been an interesting windsurf destination in this part of Europe, but its popularity is growing even more. Due to its outstanding geographical position in the most southern part of the Istrian peninsula, Pula and its surroundings can offer the most optimal conditions for windsurfing such as – a constant presence of winds, the sea temperature between 15 and 24oC (in the period between April and December), 10 different windsurfing spots with the longest distance between any of them not bigger than 20 km, which enables you to choose the most acceptable location regarding the present weather conditions and wind directions (bura (a north/ north-east wind), jugo (a south/south-east wind, sirocco), maestral (a landward day breeze) or tramontana (a north-west wind)).

Windsurfing centar Premantura, Medulin

Windsurfing centar PremanturaType: Windsurfing
Phone: +385 (0)91 512 36 46
Destination: Premantura, Medulin

Hallowind – Extreme sports happening Premantura , Medulin

Hallowind - Extreme sports happening Premantura Type: Windsurfing
Phone: +385 (0)91 512 36 46
Destination: Premantura, Medulin

Novigrad Windsurfing , Novigrad

Novigrad WindsurfingType: Windsurfing
Destination: Novigrad

Free Climbing in Istria

Free climbing in Istria
So far Istria offers nine climbing sites: Zlatni rt near Rovinj, Lim Bay, Dvigrad, Istarske toplice, Raspadalica above Buzet, Vranjska draga near the Učka tunnel, near Pazin, Mošćenička Draga, Vintijan near Pula and Rabac. Nine ascents on the so-called short rocks, 20-30 m high, have 270 equipped ascents. Istrian rocks with many obstacles, are demanding both for top athletes and beginners. Apart from the beautiful intact nature more and more prized by free climbers, the rocks mostly face the south, enabling climbers to wear short sleeves even in colder weather.

Free Climbing Zlatni rt (Golden Cape), Rovinj

Zlatni rt (Golden Cape)One of the most fascinating and largest protected park forests in the Mediterranean, also known as the international meeting place of free climbers. On the cliffs rising from the sea there are some 80 rock-climbing routes, mostly easier and suitable for beginners.

Free Climbing Istarske toplice, Buzet

Istarske topliceNear the medieval city Motovun, along the Mirna River, rise tall rock barriers of which the most attractive ones are located above the very thermal spa ‘Istarske toplice’. There are 13 different climbing routes, measuring 22 to 90 meters.

Free Climbing Raspadalica, Buzet

RaspadalicaRising high above Buzet, on the slopes of Ćićarija, lies Raspadalica, the centre of extreme sports. On the cliff at Raspadalica there are some 30 climbing routes, measuring 8 to 30 metres in height.

Free Climbing Lim Bay, Rovinj

Lim BayThe deep valley Limska drage which starts near Pazin, ends at the seacoast north of Rovinj. At the end of this 12-kilometre-long bay known as Lim Bay stand the very impressive cliffs rising high above the very sea. This popular rock-climbing site has some 60 climbing routes up to 25 metres in height where you can climb all year round.

Free Climbing Dvigrad, Rovinj

DvigradNear the remains of Dvigrad, one of the most famous Istrian medieval towns that lies in the inner part of Limska draga, which was abandoned in the 17th century, is a rock-climbing site with 63 climbing routes. The most difficult and challenging route known as Malvasia was only climbed by the famed Italian climber Manolo–Maurizio Zanolla at the beginning of the 1990s.

Free Climbing Vranjska draga, Ucka

Vranjska dragaA must for every rock-climbing enthusiast, below the slopes of Mt. Učka, in the north-eastern part of Istria, lies the canyon Vranjska draga with the most amazing spired rocks. This unique site has some 50 climbing routes. The most attractive and amazing cliff is the 100-metre-high Great Tower (Veliki toranj) – natural phenomenon that will surely impress even those who are not so enthusiastic about rock-climbing.

Paragliding in Istria

Paragliding in Istria
Enjoy the magic of Istria from the Air ! Paragliding Tandem flight in Istria will take you over magical old towns. What better way is there to make your vacation a little bit adventurous? In a tandem you are able to fly without any previous experience. You will instantly become a part of our team. After a 15 min briefing you get to fly with a highly trained instructor, which is the easiest and safest way to experience the thrill of paragliding.

PJK Paragliding Istra

PJK Paragliding IstraType: Paragliding
Phone: +385 (0)98 922 8081
Address: Borgo 1
Destination: Motovun

Hang gliding in Istria

Hang gliding in Istria
In the last ten years eight starting points for hang gliders have been set up in the area of Buzet, Učka and Ćićarija. They are ideal for large competitions, enabling flights all over central Istria – in the west to Buje, in the south to Žminj, in the north to the Slovenian border, and in the east all the way to Mt. Vojak. Thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate, the flying season starts at the beginning of February and ends in November.

Free flying club Homo volans, Opatija

Free flying club Homo volansType: Hang gliding
Phone: +385 (0)91 2929932
Address: Nova cesta 136
Destination: Opatija

Caving in Istria

Caving in Istria
Owing to its soil types (karst and limestone) Istria has a lot of underground caves. Several of them can be visited without much speleological knowledge and equipment while for a large number of them, you need more experience and specialized equipment. Underground chambers, streams, pits, lakes, crevices, gorges and petrifactions will surely inspire each visitor with enthusiasm. Apart from natural beauties, Istrian caves and pits are a treasury of animal and plant world (fish, frogs, dormice, crabs, bats), the most interesting among them being Proteus anguinus, endemic species that inhabits only these Karst areas.

Cave climbing centre Speleolit, Baredine

SPELEOLIT – cave climbing centreType: Caving
Phone: +385 (0)92 110 0070
Address: Cave Baredine, Nova Vas
Destination: Baredine

Cave adventure Speleo Adventure, Buzet

Phone: 00385 (0)98 924 73 00
Destination: Buzet

Paintball in Istria

Paintball in Istria
Experience your holidays differently, relax yourself from everyday stress, strengthen your character and lift up the adventurous spirit. Let your holiday become a game! Paintball is an exciting game for both men and women of all age groups and lifestyles around the world. Let yourself go to the top entertainment, which is full of adrenaline in the natural environment.

Paintball Adrenalina, Rovinj

Paintball Adrenalina, RovinjType: Paintball
Phone: +385 (0)98 219 403
Address: Autocamp Polari
Destination: Rovinj

Paintball Club Pula, Medulin

Paintball Club PulaType: Paintball
Phone: +385 (0)98 381 313
Address: Pješčana Uvala, II ogranak 33
Destination: Pomer, Medulin

Paintball Club Freak Impuls, Rabac

Paintball Club Freak Impuls, RabacType: Paintball
Phone: 00385 91 5836060
Address: Plominska 7
Destination: Rabac

Paintball club Poreč, Porec

Paintball club PorečType: Paintball
Phone: +385 (0)52 452 896
Address: Molindrio bb
Destination: Porec

Paintball club Green Garden, Pula

Paintball club Green Garden - go-cart track PulaType: Paintball
Phone: +385 (0)52 535 639
Address: go-cart track Pula
Destination: Pula

Paintball field Ližnjan, Medulin

Paintball field LižnjanType: Paintball
Phone: +385 (0)98 331 908
Destination: Liznjan, Medulin

Paintball Arena Lanterna, Porec

Paintball Arena LanternaType: Paintball
Phone: +385 (0)95 398 73 63
Address: Lanterna bb
Destination: Tar, Porec

Go kart in Istria

Go kart in Istria
As fans call it, the union of entertainment and sports, go karting is offered on several tracks in Istria. In Pula and Poreč you can enjoy go karting whole year round, while in the other tourist resorts it’s possible only seasonal. With a little bravery and good driving skills, adrenaline driving on tracks will bring the desired excitement.

Go Kart Kart Cross, Umag

Go Kart Kart Cross, UmagType: Go kart
Phone: +385 (0)91 533 3070
Destination: Umag

Go Kart Istra Karting, Motodrom Poreč

Go Kart Istra Karting - Motodrom PorečType: Go kart
Phone: +385 (0) 52 456 100
Destination: Porec

Go Kart Green Garden, Pula

Go Kart Green Garden, PulaType: Go kart
Phone: +385 (0) 52 535 639
Destination: Pula

Adrenaline parks in Istria

Adrenaline park in Istria
Adrenalin Park, up in the trees, consists of winding paths situated high up within the forest itself. The construction made of steel slings, ropes and platforms is completely safe and suitable for anyone wanting to test their balance, concentration and physical condition. This park represents an innovation in tourist offer and is the ideal place for both adults and children that want to experience their daily dose of adrenaline.

Adrenaline park Umag, Umag

Adrenaline park UmagType: Adrenaline park
Phone: +385 (0)98 217265
Address: Campsite Stella Maris
Destination: Umag

Adrenaline park Glavani, Glavani

Adrenaline park UmagType: Adrenaline park
Phone: +385 (0)91 896 4525
Address: Glavani
Destination: Glavani Adrenalinski park UmagAdrenalinski park UmagAdrenalinski park Umag
When you arrive in Glavani, a small picturesque village in the Council of Barban, prepare yourself for a dose of adrenaline that will stimulate and excite all your senses. Try something fun and new – visit the best adventure park in Istria – Glavani Park. All those who are brave enough, (or feel like they want to be brave ), regardless of their age, will enjoy themselves swinging about amongst the trees. We have prepared three routes for you, yellow, blue and black each increasing in height and in difficulty and, as a great bonus, both the blue and black routes end by enjoying the 113metre zip line. So come and enjoy yourselves in a fun adrenaline adventure in the best Istrian adventure park – Glavani Park. Open 9am – 8pm every day including Sunday If you want to try all the routes then you need to arrive by 6pm! You’ll find Glavani Park on the road between Vodnjan (10km) and Barban (6km) or turn off the main Pula – Labin road at Manjadvorci and follow road to the end and then turn left for Vodnjan!

Moto and aero clubs in Istria

Moto and aero clubs in Istria
Moto and aero tourism in Istria…

Aero club Delic Air, Medulin

Aero club Delic Air, MedulinType: Aero club
Phone: 00385 52 506505
Destination: Medulin

Aero club Adria Aero, Vrsar

Aero club Adria Aero, VrsarType: Aero club
Phone: 00385 52 428130
Address: Airport Vrsar
Destination: Vrsar

Moto Club Rovinj, Rovinj

Moto Club Rovinj, RovinjType: Aero club
Phone: 00385 52 813239
Address: Gripole 1
Destination: Rovinj