North Adriatic and Istrian coast

The riding programmes offered are suitable for intermediate to advanced riders, comfortable in all locations and with experience of riding outdoors. Children older than 12 years, accompanied by adults are welcome. It is required a reasonable level of fitness. Although several cultural/historical points are part of the itineraries, the emphasis is on the natural beauties of the Istrian hinterland.

Riding club Astra, Labin

Riding club Astra, LabinType: Riding
Phone: 00385 52 858316
Address: Presika 121
Destination: Labin

Ranch Lunghi, Medulin

Ranch Lunghi, MedulinType: Riding
Phone: 00385 98 1676534
Address: Fucane 9
Destination: Medulin

Equestrian Club Furia, Porec

Equestrian Club Furia, PorecType: Riding
Phone: 00385 52 460477
Address: Kadumi 60
Destination: Porec

Istra horse trekking, Porec

Istra horse trekking, PorecType: Riding
Address: Zelena laguna bb
Destination: Porec

Reiten Club St. Euphemia, Rovinj

Reiten Club St. Euphemia, RovinjType: Riding
Phone: 00385 91 7244277
Address: Val di Lesso 1
Destination: Rovinj

Horse Center Katoro, Umag

Horse Center Katoro, UmagType: Riding
Phone: 00385 98 206129
Address: Juricanija bb, Katoro
Destination: Umag